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Alyssa Peterson Prior Lake , United States

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About me

I <3 little children i would die for little children i think if little children cry or whine its not their fault because they dont know that it drives you CRAZY!!! its just their way to talk when they cant talk well!!!


School first then homework then religion then friends then computer my life is busy u can basicly just throw out the frinds and computer time!


Gives u "heck"
when you see my face it gives u heck it gives u heck
when u walk my way it gives u heck gives u heck
if u find a man thats worth a dawn and treats you well then your a fool just as well gives you heck gives u heck

Movies and TV:

Icarly jk... tv is stupid but my favorite show is Uguly Betty because its funny otherwise the computer is way better then tv


Soccer dance gymnastics
soccer because i love to run and win
dance because i love to ballroom dance cauz its so fun!!!
gymnastics cauz i love to flex!!!


Wat the heck is arts i dont really care so BYE!!!


I love babies!!!


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A hippie Glog!